Road Safety Campaign Micro Training

JMA in collaboration with NGO Drive safe and Smart, D2S and Hella India Lighting Ltd organised micro training in Road Safety Campaign “Doori hai Jaroori”on October 28, 2020. It was a volunteer led micro training project which aims to enrol million road users, drivers via digital/online video/audio platforms towards #TrafficDistancing.

The objective of the campaign was to positively enforce behavioural change in existing as well as future drivers so that they maintain distance from other vehicles on the road and eventually lead them to a defensive driving habit. The campaign DooriHaiZaroori aims to target anyone who drives to learn benefits of maintaining distance on roads. Those who attended the training were encouraged to be the #AgentOfChange and spread awareness in their friends, families and also to their neighbours, by becoming trainer themselves.

Mr Anubrata Choudhury, Head of sustainability at D2S conducted the training. The session was attended by 66 professionals who had registered in advance.

Mr Ramashankar Pandey President, CWC – D2S, Managing Director – Hella India Lighting Ltd. also attended the session and answered the queries of participants.