Virtual Business Simulation Games

AIMA and JMA bring you Virtual Business Simulation Games are scheduled on 25th January, 2022.

Business Management Simulation exposes participants to real economic, environmental and business issues related to finance, operations and marketing. Participants are empowered to develop strategy, execute tactics and analyze competitors. They go through the pains and gains of running a company in a hypothetical environment and see the impact of their decisions on business.

It challenges the participants on the following:

• Business acumen

• Decision-making  skills

• Understanding intrinsic organizational strengths and external competition

• Ability to think like executive management

• Planning and strategizing business moves futuristically

This is a unique opportunity for participants to exhibit their skills, expertise and challenge their inner “Chanakya”.

Expecting a huge participation from all the organizations as every year. Request to share the nominations by 20th January, 2022.